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How to revise

Revising for a test/exam can be hard work and very hard to take in. You read over it and think you know what to do but when the test comes you’re feeling nervous and wondering if you did enough. Following these steps you will never have to worry again.

-This step should be followed all the time. When I first started revising for a test I wish I had followed it!- 1. After school, when you get home, revise over everything you have learnt that day. It makes it loads easier to take everything in during revision later on since everything will already be added to your knowledge.

2. Draw pictures with colour; I know it sounds silly but it’s actually a lot easier to remember pictures than a whole heap of writing! Diagrams are good too.

3. Question cards; Question cards are a great thing to do because it does feel like a test. You never know, you could be asking yourself questions that will be in it anyway.

4. Practice test; Get a friend/parent to help you. Tell you what you need to revise and get them to write out some questions that you can answer. Then you don’t know what questions they’ll shoot at you.

Hopefully by following these steps you’ll pass with flying colours.