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How to revise

Revising for a test/exam can be hard work and very hard to take in. You read over it and think you know what to do but when the test comes you’re feeling nervous and wondering if you did enough. Following these steps you will never have to worry again.

-This step should be followed all the time. When I first started revising for a test I wish I had followed it!- 1. After school, when you get home, revise over everything you have learnt that day. It makes it loads easier to take everything in during revision later on since everything will already be added to your knowledge.

2. Draw pictures with colour; I know it sounds silly but it’s actually a lot easier to remember pictures than a whole heap of writing! Diagrams are good too.

3. Question cards; Question cards are a great thing to do because it does feel like a test. You never know, you could be asking yourself questions that will be in it anyway.

4. Practice test; Get a friend/parent to help you. Tell you what you need to revise and get them to write out some questions that you can answer. Then you don’t know what questions they’ll shoot at you.

Hopefully by following these steps you’ll pass with flying colours.

Starting basic; Victoria Sponge

Today I’ll give you the secrets into how to make the best victoria sponge you will ever taste. It’s fairly basic to make and after all the hard work is done, it’s a treat to eat!

You will need: 4oz marg, 4oz caster sugar, 2 eggs and 4oz self raising flour.

1. Set the oven at 180 C first so that you give the oven time to heat up

2. Cream the marg and the sugar until it’s light and fluffy

3. Beat in the eggs adding a small amount of flour each time

4. Gently fold in the remaining flour

5. Pour the mixture into a round, greased baking tray

6. Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes

Repeat for the second sponge and fill with jam and cream. Decorate the top of your sponge with cream also if you wish.


Autumn to Winter fashion

Although it’s still autumn, winter is quickly rising. It’s been freezing where I live so I went out shopping with my friends and noticed some items that would keep me warm for winter. First thing is a patterned jumper. You can get them for about £10-£15 in PriMark although they sell them in other shops like New Look, TopShop, H&M and many other clothing stores. The heavy material used to make them is sure to keep you snug! I also saw a pair of high-knee woolly socks for £1.50 in PriMark which I purchased and put on as soon as I got home.

Hope this has helped. Post some comments if you want and tell me what items you’ve got to keep you warm for the winter and cold weather.


How to curl your eye lashes

Curling your eye lashes is a hard thing to do but by following my tips you should be able to pull it off easily!

Start by purchasing curlers. My favourite eyelash curlers are models own. Because of the wider base for your lashes mine just slide in and can be done in no time at all. When using curlers make sure you’re using the hand you feel most confident in as an unsteady hand may end up pulling a few lashes out (and you don’t want that!). Place your lashes inbetween the top and bottom of the curlers and push down using your thumb and finger. Hold for around 3-4 seconds. Any longer and you will crimp them. Once you’ve done do it on the other eye for the same amount of time. Add mascara for a more noticable effect and you’re done!


Cupcake Heaven!

I am a huge fan of cup cakes.  I live, breath, and die by cupcakes.  When I was 8, I started making my own cupcakes but they were never very good, as I was just learning.     It’s hard!    Once, I made a chocolate cake at my granny’s house but she didn’t have the right measuring cups — so we had to wing it.  The poor cake turned out awful!    It tasted good, but it was more like a football brick than a cake!  And it weighed five times more than I expected!   I think we used too much sugar and flour.    Thankfully, I am a much better cook now.  My most recent favorite cupcake is an Apple Sauce cupcake, where the butter is replaced with real apple sauce so its much better for you.  The cake was light, fluffy and very refreshing!  Here is the recipe!  Enjoy!  And don’t forget to tell me what your favourite cupcake is!  I know you all love cupcakes!!


Which Mascara is the Best?

I have been testing a bunch of mascara’s over the last week and I think that the Georgio Armani “Eyes to Kill” is the best.  It makes your lashes look really long, darker and thicker. What is the best about it is that it lasts all day and I dont need to reapply at any time.  I tried a number of other ones, but they didn’t work as well.  The Shiseido was ok, but it made my lashes shorter than I wanted, and Naturelux worked at the beginning but I found that it began to blur onto my cheeks when the afternoon came.   The Georgio Armani is quite expensive (I borrowed my Auntie’s!), but you can get it at House Of Fraser for £24.50.   I am interested in knowing what your favorite mascara is! Post me your comments and we can girl talk!

Be Brave!

Hi and welcome to my blog where I will share with you my best makeup tips, outfit choices and some great recipes that you can both try out and share with your friends.

I hope you enjoy my blog and try out some of these unique tips.

Thanks, Neave xo